March 8, 2012

JAKE 2012: Banding together to make a difference

Jake’s credit card has taken a severe beating. Together we can make a difference to end this poverty and abuse… Just dona….

I don’t know if this KONY 2012 stuff is a positive banding or not. There is just so much scepticism. But for me there is a greater point. In fact, I find it quite uplifting and heartwarming that so many people have banded together for a cause. The scandal is just so exciting. The Internet always keeps my mind busy. Yay!

EDIT: I’m not debating whether or not KONY 2012 is real or not. It is very real. I am more concerned with the skepticism of the use of donations and the power of support. 

As Poisonparadise put it:

I highly suggest that my followers research a little more into Joseph Kony, and mostly KONY 2012/Invisible children, and their intentions, and reviews, and educate themselves before blindly supporting a cause just because they saw an emotionally blackmailing video with a cute kid in it. 

A few resources (with lots more links inside) can be found here and here

If you would like to donate money to support the health and safety of Africa’s children, I suggest AMREF, Africare, Children of the Nations, and”

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Fake? JAKE 2012 Kony Real? Poisonparadise

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